Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the Beginning ...

Okay, that was really cheesy, but anyone who has ever read my crafting blog knows I struggle with titles. I promise my writing is better!

I've decided to start a blog where I can explore my walk with Christ more in depth than I can in my crafting blog. I mean, heck, there people want to see my scrapbook pages and handmade cards, not hear me wax philosophical (or theological, or whatever you'd call it). And it seems like since I started a Christian Crafters group on the social networking site Paper Craft Planet, and started a Faithbooking project there for the group ... well, somehow I've just wanted to be more verbal about my walk. I used to journal my faith a lot, but for the last couple of years I'd stopped doing that. Hopefully this blog will give me a little kick in the pants about getting that going again.

I will also be including previous writings that I've done over the last, oh, ten, fifteen years or so. Occasionally I wrote what I consider to be some Good Stuff, so I'll be posting that here, too. Especially when I can't come up with anything new because not only are my "specs" fogged, but so is my brain!

So I hope you'll join me on my journey. You'll see from my writings that I certainly don't have everything about Christianity, God, Christ, etc., figured out. In fact, the longer I'm on this walk, the less I realize I really do know! (And I've been on this walk for 38 years now.) But we can be fellow travelers on this Kingdom Road, ay?

Now, the biggest issue is ... what to put between paragraphs to break up all the text, since I won't have pictures of my crafts to post ...?

Grace & peace.

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